Combo Wagon Service focuses on the rail freight sector. Rail-bound freight.

Our strength

We know how important the operability of your rolling stock is. Years of background in maintaining these has taught us that flexibility, quality and speed are the core values here. Our motivated team offers you excellent service. We are happy to think with you about optimizing the maintenance of your vehicles.

Keeping you rolling!

The Combo Group originated from the demand of the intermodal market. Starting with Combo Repair, the group initially focused on container maintenance and repair.
Several new services were added over the years. It became increasingly clear from the market that there was a need for a driven maintenance provider for freight cars. Thus, in 2009, CWS was born.
With our previous experience and right mindset, we have since grown to become one of the leading freight car maintenance providers in the Netherlands.
Currently, Combo Wagonservice alone has more than 20 employees.
Our mission is to not leave our customers idle for a minute.

Hence our motto: KEEPING YOU ROLLING!